Karan Singh

Launch Edition, 1000 Pieces

Karan Singh is a multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. His distinct work is a contemporary and playful reinterpretation of the op-art movement, merged with the bold compositions, colours and sensibilities of mid-century graphic design. His art lives in prints, music videos, sculpture, augmented reality installations, and now this puzzle.

Karan's Jacky Winter Portfolio

About our Puzzles
Our newest collection of puzzles represent our first foray outside of the viral sensation which were Clemens Habicht's Colour Series. Each signature edition puzzle features artwork from three incredible artists represented by The Jacky Winter Group, and published by our gallery Lamington Drive Editions.

Packaged in a unique octagonal box, each finished puzzle forms a perfect circle which makes for a striking piece of wall art, or simply stow on the shelf for repeat play. With Clemens at the helm acting as creative director, each of these puzzles are manufactured in Germany by world renowned puzzle specialists. Printed on specialty linen-embossed paper via handmade dies that feature ‘soft click’ technology - Individual pieces are so precisely punched that you hear a soft ‘click’ when they fit together and are sure to satisfy even the most eagle-eyed puzzle connoisseur. 

Assembled Dimensions : 67.5cm dia
Challenge Level : Extreme


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